To provide guidelines for appropriate usage and disclosure of individually identifiable Health Information (IIHI) for patients, which are in compliance with HIPAA Privacy Regulations.
To supply notification to patients regarding our Privacy Practices and the patients rights related to their own health information (IIHI).


Notice of Privacy Practices


1.Bracing Solutions uses patient health information to obtain payment, provide treatment and services, and to evaluate and improve the patients quality of care. Bracing Solutions is required by law to protect the privacy of its patients Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI), as well as to provide a notice to its patients of those privacy practices.
2.A copy of the Bracing Solutions Notice of Privacy Practices will be available to all patients.
3.Bracing Solutions reserves the right to modify or update its policies without prior notification to its patients.
4.The Compliance Officer will be responsible for governing all activities related to privacy regulations and managing the administrative duties related to the Bracing Solutions Privacy Practices.